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πορεία καϊκιού

Traditional Boat Association of Greece

What we are

fighting for

Our fight to stop the destruction of traditional Greek wooden fishing boats - kaikia - continues. Rescuing the few remaining boats is an obligation not only of political leaders but also of every individual Greek man and woman.
ΑΓΙΑ ΣΟΦΙΑ Τρεχαντήρι, 1967 Σύρος

Photo credit Vassilis Makris

Archipelago Network, Jacob Moe

Members' Projects

New constructions, refits, documentation of traditional boatyards and kaikia, boat shows and publications and more…

Based in Syros, this non profit organization, HERMOUPOLIS HERITAGE aims to save and restore the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the island. Based on the study of history and tradition, it offers experiences that focus on the fields of architecture, culture, industry and the environment. The purpose of these actions is to highlight the history of the island, to inspire as well as to raise awareness for actions by other institutions or persons.

A non-profit organization


Hermoupolis Heritage

The Archipelago Network (A–N) is an initiative for research and documentation of the endangered heritage and material knowledge on the Cyclades islands.

Funded by a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, its initial project involved documenting the traditional boats and shipyards of Syros.

A network for the contemporary Cycladic culture



The book pays tribute to the men who built and worked on the boats shown here, which are samples of the thousands broken, or stranded on the Greek coasts. Stefano Benazzo, in collaboration with the Association, found and immortalized these wrecks some of which are victims of deliberate destruction. Thru this book, he joined our protest against the directives that organized this destruction.


Special Publications


Wrecks in Greece, Stefano Benazzo

We are setting sails!


Connect with fellow sailors, forging new friendships and sharing tales of the sea

A few words about regattas

Held in the Fall in the Faliro area near Athens, invites both seasoned sailors or enthusiastic novices and offers to the participants a challenge and an opportunity for adventure.


Perhaps the most spontaneous and informal gathering of kaikia (both fishing and leisure) from all around the Cyclades. Held in the fishing village of Naoussa in Paros every September, the Kapetaneika is a lively community event that combines sailing racing and memorable fiestas on land.


This event celebrates the anniversary of battle of Navarino and is organized by the municipality of Pylos.

The highlight of the festivities which include the participation of sailing boats, is the re-enactment of the blowing up of a replica of the flagship of the Turkish-Egyptian fleet. It is a celebration that honors all the nations that participated in that naval battle.


Organized by the Yacht Club of Greece, the Spetses classic regatta is one of the most important regattas in the Med and the most well attended one in Greece.

The races of classic boats, traditional greek kaikia and small lateens offer a unique and thrilling spectacle every June in the waters around the island of Spetses.


Our latest news

Ούζο Πλωμαρίου & Καϊκια

Ouzo of Plomari Supports

the Traditional Boat Association of Greece


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